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Load Safety

In the last years, load safety has become more and more important. Both national and (potentially) international rules apply here. In Germany, the legal framework regarding load safety can be found in the road traffic regulations ("StVO"), road traffic permit regulations ("StVZO") as well as in the commercial code ("HGB").

As load safety gains importance with respect to road traffic safety, it is necessary that the responsible staff members, in particular the members of the truck driving staff and loading staff, are qualified accordingly. The qualification of the trainers as well as the requirements as to the training itself are described in the German Guideline VDI 2700 Section 1 ("Richtlinie VDI 2700 Blatt 1"). The evidence with regard to the scope and content of such trainings may be provided in accordance with the "training evidence load safety" (cf. "Ausbildungsnachweis Ladungssicherung", VDI 2700a).

Together with renowned companies such as Dekra, we provide for an inspection concept and support you with the compliance with the following rules and regulations:

  • Static and dynamic unit load inspection regarding form stability and homogeneity,
  • Accelaration requirements road traffic: analogous to DIN EN 12195-1, DIN EN 12640 Code XL-B, VDI 2700.


  • On-site test drive at your location (test track) or on the test site of Dekra,
  • Dynamic slide laboratory tests for the purpose of inspecting the unit load and certification (Dekra laboratory).
Load Safety